For a perfect fit, sometimes you have to make a few alterations.

The McClendon Holiday Series, Book 1

Faith McClendon put her promising fashion career on hold to support her investment banker husband’s climb to financial success—only to be dumped for another woman.

The thirty-year-old fashion designer has come home to Chicago to start over, this time on her own terms. Amid the lingering sting of betrayal, there’s one bright spot. A renewed friendship with childhood buddy Michael Montgomery.

For years, Michael pretended to be Faith’s husband to fend off unwanted attention, gave her a shoulder to cry on, and cheered the loudest when she left home for fashion school. Through it all, he never stopped loving her.

Time hasn’t dimmed the spark between them, but when another man hits on her, Michael realizes it’s time to stop hiding his true feelings. This thirty-one-year-old professional photographer is ready to pose for his own family portrait—with Faith as his wife.  Warning: Contains a photographer who’s through being pictured in a brother-ish light, and a fashionista who’s not sure her heart is quite mended enough to risk further alterations.



The greatest gift anyone can give is a love worth fighting for.

The McClendon Holiday Series, Book 2


Jennifer McClendon’s world has been turned upside down—twice. First by her unfaithful boyfriend, then by the handsome software engineer she meets while vacationing on a sun-drenched tropical island.

After a passionate night of lovemaking, he extracts a promise from her to keep in touch. But when her post-vacation emails and calls go unanswered, she resolves to pick up the pieces and get on with her life.

Unexpected gifts…

Simeon Baker meant to make good on his promise to reconnect with the sultry, quick-witted hairstylist. Two years after a tragic car accident landed him in the hospital for several months, he’s resigned himself to never hearing from her again.

Until a chance encounter offers him a second opportunity to make this a Christmas to remember—for Jennifer, and the something extra she took home from that fateful trip.

If she’ll trust him enough to say yes…

Warning: Contains a practical woman (After all, why let a cheating ex spoil a perfectly good Caribbean vacation?) and a man who knows exactly where all her reset buttons are.



Without the right heart note, the essence of love could vanish into thin air.

The McClendon Holiday Series, Book 3

Now that Patrice McClendon is at the helm of her mother’s aromatherapy company, she has ideas to propel Good Scents to the next level. Starting with developing a signature scent for Valentine’s Day.

She’s sure she’s found a perfumer with the training and artistry to assure the smell of success will be sweet. There’s just one problem. The best in the business is a temperamental perfectionist.

Jacques Germain is intrigued with the opportunity to work with a small-market company like Good Scents, but from his first tumultuous meeting with Patrice, her aggressive business sense overpowers the subtler notes of their underlying attraction.

Worse, once they’re in the lab, their chemistry proves volatile. To find the missing ingredient in Patrice’s make-it-or-break-it blend—and in their relationship—they’ll have to figure out how to work side by side instead of head to head. And trust that their deepest vulnerabilities could be their greatest strength.

Warning: Contains a driven businesswoman so close to success she can smell it, and a high-end “nose” who knows all too well how quickly the sweetest love can turn bitter.